It doesn’t matter how large the business you work for is; there are plenty of ways you can excel at being a leader. Whether you own the company or manage a small team, there’s plenty you can do to improve your leadership skills and inspire employees. You might think you’re doing a good job of being a leader right now, but there’s always ways to improve. Here are some tips for becoming a better leader at your business.

Encourage communication

One of the most important ways you can be a better leader is by encouraging communication. Let the team you’re working with know they can approach you at any time to discuss concerns or ideas they have. Do not be closed off or immediately say no to new ideas or suggestions. Even if your team is criticizing something you’re doing, take their feedback as objectively as possible and consider if there is some way for you to improve. In addition to encouraging communication from your team, be open with them. If a major decision is being made at the company, make them aware that it’s happening. If you can’t openly discuss it, just let them know some changes might be occurring and you’ll keep them updated. Avoid being secretive about anything in the business, unless it’s necessary.

Work with your team

Many leaders simply give their team or employees a list of objectives and tell them what projects to work on and then let them loose. It’s common for a team to have no idea what their leader does every day. When your team is working on an important product, be a true leader and work with them. Do not simply boss them around and give them orders. There could be issues that you do not realize are occurring if you aren’t hands-on with the project. Work as a team together instead of simply telling them what to do.

Continuously learn

To be the best leader possible, you need to always be learning more. Improve your knowledge and always strive to learn as much as you can. There are plenty of resources out there; blogs, books, podcasts, lectures, or even online classes. Figure out what method works the best for you and learn about something related to your business and also something you’re simply interested in. There are lots of benefits from continued learning, no matter what it is.

Acknowledge your mistakes

You could be the best leader ever, but you’re going to make mistakes. When these happen, you need to acknowledge them to your team if it affects them. Do not try to be a perfectionist because it won’t happen. If you forget to do a task or unfairly criticize one of them, be upfront about your mistake. They’ll respect you more and actually view you as a true leader.

Set goals

Any business has overarching goals the employees are trying to meet. Make sure your team is clear on what these are and then work hard yourself to meet them. Set the example for the work your team should be doing and they’ll follow your lead. Regularly reference the short and long-term goals of the company and discuss the vision of the business. Keeping employees on the same page about these goals and getting them excited about the goals helps your business achieve its vision.