When you begin working in consulting, you may realize that it seems like there’s an endless amount of people doing what you are and you’re all competing for the same clients. Many people who work in business consulting went to some of the top schools in the country and worked for Fortune 500 companies. They have years and years of experience in their industry and plenty of connections. At first, these pieces of information may feel discouraging, but don’t worry. Being a successful business consultant requires more than just a great resume and experience at top companies. Even if you worked at a small business your entire life, you still have invaluable experience to share with others. Make sure you follow these steps and you’ll set yourself up to be a great business consultant.

Prove you’re reliable

When businesses are looking for someone to provide consulting, they need someone they know they can rely upon. Far too many “professionals” advertise great services, but once they’re hired, they do not carry through on everything they said they could do. If you offer a client your services and say you can achieve something for them, show them this statement is true. Do not offer services you cannot deliver and always be communicative with your client.

Be open & approachable

It’ll be difficult to find clients if people view you as haughty and believe you only cater to higher tier businesses. You should want smaller businesses to ask for your consulting services, especially if you’re just starting out. Be upfront about what you can offer a client and how you hope to achieve your goal. If you’re easy to talk to, people will want to work with you.

Utilizing your resources

No matter what your job was before you started in business consulting, you have connections and resources you can utilize. Draw on your previous knowledge to find ways to advise businesses and use your network when trying to solve problems or locate new clients. Use what you’ve already learned to help other businesses; that’s the true mission of a consultant.

Focus on a niche

While you do not have to limit the work you do to something incredibly specific, it’s helpful to have an area where you’re an expert. If you worked in finance for years, let potential clients know you can provide fantastic advice on finance management and how it relates to their business. Focus on other areas for consulting as well, but advertise your specialty.

Create your own content
Finally, one of the best steps you can take to get the word out there about your consulting endeavours is through creating and sharing your own content. Marketing yourself is the best way to make people aware of your services. Write articles about business and related areas and see if you can get them placed in well-known publications. Simply putting content on a personal site still provides useful information to current and potential clients and establishes you in the field of business consulting.