As a business owner, you understand the fierce competition when it comes to drawing consumers to your stores. There are countless businesses, many often offering the same services or products. How do you stand out when there are so many other companies competing for the same people? One of the best ways to draw in consumers is presenting your business as superior to other options. A great way to do so is to offer perks and benefits that customers will not be able to find elsewhere. Here are some ideas on what to offer at your business that’ll draw in consumers.

Loyalty rewards

People love loyalty cards, especially if they don’t include upfront costs. If you offer a loyalty program, people are more likely to frequent your store. For example, offer people with loyalty cards a slight discount or some kind of coupon or reward once they reach a specific number of visits or money spent. If you offer a quality loyalty program, customers will be more likely to frequently return to your store in order to build up points and get rewards.

Regular sales

Having regular sales often entices people into your store. Even a monthly or annual sale may be an event people eagerly anticipate and flock to your business for. If you advertise correctly and create enticing deals, you’ll see more customers visit and patronize your business. Whenever sales are, people are more likely to spend money and purchase items simply because they’re getting a good deal.


For many people, the availability of coupons influence their shopping choices. Offering a certain percentage off or a BOGO deal can influence consumers to visit your business. You don’t need to issue coupons every week; even once in a while can generate an influx of business and lead to new regular customers.

Special events

If you choose to issue some kind of loyalty card or have a membership for certain customers, begin hosting special events. You can even randomly invite people from a mailing or email list. The special event could simply be early or late hours to shop new merchandise with light refreshments or the chance to win a giveaway. If you’re giving people a preview of special or new merchandise, they’ll be more likely to spend at that event.


Hosting giveaways is a great way to attract customers. Offer the chance to win a bigger item if people spend a certain amount of money or reach some other goal. Even free giveaways can entice people to visit your store or share content on social media. Simply getting free advertising can be helpful.