Deon McCalla

Professional Overview

Deon McCalla is a seasoned business professional with over 13 years of experience in operations, sales, service, and administrative roles. A highly motivated and driven individual, Deon has dedicated himself to a continuous process of improvement in the face of rapidly evolving and changing markets. He prides himself on his ability to address problems proactively and resolve issues in unconventional ways.

Over the course of his career, Deon has proven himself as a turnaround expert capable of helping failing businesses become profitable. His specialties include Strategic Planning, Critical Analysis, Budget Development, P&L Forecasting & Analysis, Financial Reporting, Merchandise & Inventory Management, and more.

Deon McCalla currently serves as a Business Consultant with C&M Consulting. In this role, Deon provides operational support for client’s linen services. He assists clients with annual budgets for linen rental services; develops strategic models to ensure product delivery accountability at every level; analyzes industry trends and compile market research data to inform planning and strategy; and research public perception of products and services to guide strategy development.


Turnaround Expert


P&L Operations


Cost Tracking & Controls


Revenue Growth

Previously, Deon McCalla served as General Manager for the Alsco, Inc. facility in Phoenix, Arizona from 2012 to 2015. During this time, he spearheaded a cross-functional initiative, working directly with sales, service, plant engineers, and office personnel in an effort to increase profitability and achieve 10% growth. These endeavors helped boost gross sales of the Phoenix facility from $900k per month to $1.1 million in under 9 months. Furthermore, the Phoenix facility went from losing 3.5% per year to making 5.9% under Deon’s management.

From 2009 to 2012, Deon served as General Manager at the Denver, Colorado facility. When he assumed the position, the facility was losing approximately 6.2% per year, and when he left the facility was making over 5.7% per year. He was promoted to General Manager after serving in a variety of other roles at the company, including Production Manager, Operations Manager, and Service Manager. As Service Manager, Deon managed a staff of 70 people; trained staff on operating procedures and company services; facilitated inter-departmental communication to effectively provide customer support; and resolve customer inquiries and issues.

Deon McCalla’s career with Alsco, Inc. began in 2002, working as a Production Manager at the Laramie, Wyoming facility. At the time, the facility was struggling with cost management and had a labor percentage of over 18% of revenue. Through a streamlining process, Deon was able to reduce the labor percentage to 12.8% of revenue. He was later promoted to the Denver facility, and eventually assumed the role of Operations Manager for the facility.

Deon McCalla is a graduate of the University of Wyoming where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. During this time, Deon was a member of the Track & Field team, earning All Western Athletic Conference (WAC) Academic Honors. He later went on to earn his and Master’s in Business Administration degree (MBA) from the University of Wyoming as well.



Over the last 7 years of Deon McCalla’s management career, he has managed the P&Ls of two operations. His revenue responsibilities varied from $4,500,000 at one branch to over $12,500,000 at another. At his most recent operation, Deon and his team serviced over 2,300 customers across 2 states with 3 different depot locations. During his GM career, Deon successfully transformed two operations from negative operating profits to positive operating profits. Furthermore, he transformed one operation from -6.0% to over 6% and the other from -3.5% to over 5.7%. The turnaround at both facilities can be attributed to initiating overall employee accountability, spearheading aggressive revenue growth, streamlining specific cost areas and bolstering improved customer service initiatives. Key accomplishments include:

  • Achieving overall revenue growth of over 10% at both operations by understanding competitive changes and formulating new ideas to gain new customers.
  • Receiving Growth Award in 2012 for one of the top 3 growth branches (of 73).
  • Increasing profitability by effectively tracking and reducing all departmental and operational costs while growing revenues.
  • Establishing stringent department cost controls on inventory purchases relative to ongoing revenues.
Cost Tracking & Controls

Deon McCalla created weekly and monthly cost tracking variables for each department so that each manager could understand the trends in his or her department. He has used similar stringent tracking methods as an Operations Manager (85 employees), and as a Service Manager (over 60 routes and 75 employees). These procedures led to such successes as a reduction of direct labor costs from 18% to 12.8% as a production manager.

Understanding how and when to make adjustments at certain times of the week or month relative to current revenues is invaluable to a well-streamlined cost managed operation. Inventory or merchandise controls can be a direct burden on the P&L and impact profitability over a long period of time if not kept in check. Implementing proper order quantities, understanding lead times, having the current demand variation information to determine changes due to seasonality and building good relationships with vendors are integral.

As an Operations Manager, Deon ensured that merchandise costs remained low by instituting various plant specific production standards that were attainable so that he could improve throughput and reduce the need to drastically increase merchandise purchases. He also insisted that the standards were not just general industry standards but reflected the needs of the facility and enabled the employees to accomplish them in a safe way.

Revenue Growth

A very strong point of Deon McCalla’s career as a General Manager has been his ability to grow revenues. Developing strategies to outsell competitors and maintain current customers was always a top priority. Using hands-on sales strategizing and a professional approach to every aspect of the sales cycle, Deon was able to grow over 10% in revenues at both the operations that he oversaw.

For Deon, understanding what the competition was doing was paramount. Therefore, he would impress the sales staff to be the eyes and ears out in the field, especially during their needs analysis. After understanding the market, it was critical to build core competencies based on the idiosyncrasies of the market. Deon and his team created core competencies that garnered small marginal cost increases for their organization, but would result in drastic structural and cost changes for their competitors if they tried to replicate their process. Deon was able to secure at least 4 large municipal contracts (worth over $250,000 per year) using this strategy.

Understanding the product mix necessary to drive growth, but at the same time, boost profit margins has also been his specialty. As Deon contends, continually trying to achieve the optimal group of product/service offerings has been a very important part of achieving real revenue growth. The realization that too much of one type of customer might not be good for his business or organization, but at the same time trying to find some options that fit well with his cost, labor and revenue goals. This strategy led to 11% year over year growth and a 400% increase in operating profits within one year.

Employee Accountability & Development

An innovative and effective leader, Deon McCalla enjoys building and developing strong teams who believe in the overall goals of the organization and are capable of impacting the success of the company. He developed an employee performance review process that gave managers and employees feedback on past performance and set the stage for improve performance based on an agreed number of goals and objectives. Whether it is providing a path for personal and/or professional development, introducing them to an untapped skill or ability in a different department or clearing the path for new, goal oriented, customer service-minded employees, Deon have done well streamlining the core of any organization, its people.