In a fast paced industry such as the Linen and Uniform Rental Industry, it is easy for companies to misunderstand their customers’ needs and overlook basic opportunities to improve. One segment of the industry in particular, food and beverage, comes to mind. Executive chefs and shift managers are generally responsible for ensuring their restaurants’ linens are ready for patrons. Tablecloths, napkins, and towels are generally the last thing these busy professionals want to think about as they prepare to “wow” their customers every single day. They understand the pitfalls of servicing thousands of pounds of linens weekly, but deep down, they want their Linen Rental suppliers to provide two basic things, consistency and communication. If a Linen Rental company possesses these two basic traits, they’ll go a long way in satisfying their customers every time.


When being prepared for an event is time sensitive, linen delivery times, product type, product quality, and quantity all need to be somewhat consistent. This consistency is what restaurant owners rely upon in order to be ready for hosting an event or having customers come into the restaurant. Consistency helps the chefs and restaurant managers focus on more important issues and unforeseen emergencies that can daily occur in the restaurant business. If the people running the restaurant are confident that linens will be taken care of with minimal concern on their end, they’ll have one less detail to worry about while preparing for their busiest times.


Like in any industry, communication is vital for the success of a Linen Rental supplier. If the linen truck is generally there at 10am and the delivery is made for the amount of linens the restaurant will need that week, the restaurant manager is satisfied. If this delivery will not happen for some reason, any changes should be communicated multiple times and to multiple people. It’s the responsibility of the Linen Rental company to make sure the restaurant managers know if the linens will be different for some reason, a second delivery needs to be made, or if the truck is running late. Restaurants run on strict schedules and it’ll be difficult for them to drop what they’re doing to suddenly handle a second delivery or one that shows up hours after it was originally scheduled to arrive.
If you pay careful attention to consistency and multi-level communication and make sure it’s the hallmark of your customer service initiative, you will impress every single customer and stand out in the industry.